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February 25, 2016   | 1:30 PM

Vulnerability Assessments For Managers

This session will focus on the use of vulnerability assessments (VAs) in the Great Basin. The session will be conducted in a workshop format consisting of two components. First we will provide a brief overview of our ongoing Great Basin project: "Assessing Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation in the Great Basin – a Policy Perspective on Resource Managers and the Use of Science in Decision Making." The second component will be an interactive discussion of the use and utility of vulnerability assessments in the Great Basin. VAs cut across many disciplines, agencies, etc. and this session will allow for engaged learning and sharing of VA experiences, issues, concerns and ideas moving forward. We invite attendees to come prepared to share their VA experiences in brief 5 minute overviews followed by an open discussion on such themes as: challenges and opportunities for the use of VAs in the Great Basin; success (and failure) stories of Basin the Great Basin; and what does the future hold for the use of VAs in the Great Basin?

Session Lead: Eric Lindquist
Boise State University, Public Policy Research Center, Environmental Research Building, 1910 University Dr., Boise, ID 83725-1936; Phone: 208-426-3770;

Eric leads BSUs Public Policy Research Center, a non-partisan, interdisciplinary research center actively engaged in public policy and administration research on a broad range of complex and dynamic issue areas. The Center's interdisciplinary and collaborative research includes partners throughout the Boise State University campus well as across the region, country and internationally.

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