Conference co-Chairs
Rick Kearney , GBLCC ~ Terry Messmer & Mark Brunson, USU ~ San Stiver, WAFWA

Program co-Chairs
Todd Hopkins, GBLCC ~ Terry Messmer, USU

GBC Program Committee:
Louisa Evers, BLM
Nancy Glenn, BSU
Francis Kilkenny , USFS
Maureen McCarthy, UNR
Karen Prentice, BLM
Mike Pellant, BLM
Gloria Edwards, SFRSN
Rick Kearney , GBLCC
Génie MontBlanc , GBFSE

WAFWA Program Committee:
San Stiver, WAFWA
Lorien Belton, USU
Jeremy Maestas, NRCS
Ken Mayer, WAFWA

Marketing Chair -
Social Media - Marjie Brown , FSE
Email Notices - Christina Clack, UNR
Poster Session Contact - Mark Brunson, USU
Venue Contact - Robbie Gerber, USU
Finance Contact - Terry Messmer, USU
Registration Contact - Robbie Gerber, USU
Webpage Contact - Robbie Gerber, USU

Session Chairs

Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Welcome and Plenary Speakers - San Stiver and Terry Messmer
Weed Summit Outcome - Ken Mayer and San Stiver
Fire Season Review and 2016 Outlook -
Poster Session and Social - Mark Brunson

Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Brome grasses: impacts, invasiveness, socioeconomics, and management prospects - Matt Germino
Multi-species Management - Lorien Belton, Geoff Walsh, Russ Norvell
Conifer Expansion: Science and Management - Terry Messmer
Engaging Stakeholders - What works, what doesn't and why? - Maureen McCarthy and Loretta Singletary
Putting Resilience and Resistance Concepts into Practice - Jeremy Maestas and San Stiver
Traditional Knowledges for Resource Managers - Todd Hopkins
Livestock Grazing and Sagebrush Ecosystems: Policy and Management - Terry Messmer
Poster Session and Social - Mark Brunson

Thursday, February 25, 2016
Hydrology of Sagebrush Ecosystems - Lorien Belton
Native Plants - Francis Kilkenny
Livestock Grazing and Sagebrush Ecosystems: Science and Management - Terry Messmer
Seed Strategy - Francis Kilkenny
Managing Wildfire - Eric Thacker
Vulnerability Assessments for Managers - Eric Lindquist
Invasive Plant Species - Ken Mayer
Landscape Conservation Design - Sean Finn and Todd Hopkins
Closing Plenary Session - Terry Messmer

Friday, February 26, 2016
Post Conference Meeting - Secretarial Order BLM meetings and writing time - Karen Prentice

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