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February 26, 2016   | 8:00 AM

Secretarial Order 3336: Work Session

Developing a Common Science Framework for the Conservation & Restoration Strategy and the 5 Management Zone Mitigation Strategies

The Integrated Rangeland Fire Strategy (IRFS; Section 7b(iv) Action Item 1) calls for the development of a Conservation and Restoration Strategy (C&R) for the sagebrush-steppe that considers emerging science, particularly ecological resistance, and resilience; and traditional ecological knowledges, in habitat management, fuels treatment and restoration projects. The C&R will include baseline assessments, conceptual models, and other components necessary to provide an overarching strategy for "on the ground" conservation and restoration actions throughout the sagebrush-steppe. The C&R and data gathered to develop it will inform the identification of priorities and development of multi-year programs of work for DOI investments in conservation and restoration and will also inform mitigation strategies. A draft product, focused on sage grouse habitat values within 5 management zones, is due 7/1/2016 and a second draft is due by 12/31/2016.

This four hour session will discuss the relationship between the C&R, other Actions within the IRFS, and mitigation planning efforts. Time for discussion will be included. Audience are interested in further participation will be invited to identify themselves.

Session Organizer(s): Karen Prentice, Bureau of Land Management, 1849 C. St. NW Room 2134 LM, Washington DC 20240

Agenda Topics:
• Overview of SO 3336 and various actions required by IRFS as they relate to the Conservation and Restoration Strategy.
• Overview of the need to develop management zone mitigation strategies
• Demonstrate of the work that has been completed to date
• Discussion and invitation to audience members interested in further participation to identify themselves

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